Keep Employees Safe. Protect Your Brand. Safeguard Your Bottom Line.

Measuring Employee Wellness

What are your employees feeling, both mentally and physically? Do they feel threatened, are they stressed, are they motivated? In today’s remote and hybrid working environments, do your employees really feel connected?

Employee Stress Meter

Why should you know? 

Healthy employee wellness pays off with higher productivity, increased retention and loyalty, and great brand recognition. And it minimizes exposure to litigation resulting from allegations of harassment or incidences of employee self-harm.

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Employee Being Harassed

Half A Trillion In Problems

Poor employee wellness costs you. Organizations are losing more than half a trillion dollars annually due to lack of insight into employee wellness and failure to proactively address signs of risks such as bullying, sexual harassment and assault, diversity and inclusion infractions, harm to oneself or others, collusion, theft and property loss.

This is avoidable, easily and cost-effectively with CommSafe AI solutions.

How can you know?

Employee pulse surveys are inadequate. They are time consuming to prepare and distribute, limited to the timeframe it is given and quickly outdated, and with no guarantee responses are honestly given or taken seriously. HR departments often find the task of assessing employee wellness burdensome, and frequently outsource it to consultants, adding additional expense to the task.

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CommSafe AI offers a better way. An innovative first-of-its-kind software tool to accurately take the temperature of employee wellness and identify potential problems so your organization can take appropriate and immediate action…before it escalates into a damaging issue that threatens irreparable financial and reputational damage to your brand and your professional standing.

CommSafe AI solutions allow companies to provide an environment for employees to feel protected and safe. It entrusts companies with confidence they are safeguarding the health and wellness of their most trusted assets in a transparent and non-intrusive manner.

Know for Sure…CommSafe AI Wellness and Risk Assessment

Obtain Quick and Timely Insights into Employee Sentiment with Significant Cost Savings

CommSafe AI Wellness and Risk Assessments employ Machine Learning and AI to illuminate what employees are actually thinking and feeling. In as little as two weeks time, you gain unbiased insights into your workforce “state of mind” that predict existing and emerging risks and provide the basis for you to improve your culture and employee retention. Learn more…

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Know for Sure in Real-Time…CommSafeAI Live Monitoring

Detect Toxic Language, Tone and Sentiment that Indicate Risk 

CommSafe AI Live Monitoring alerts you to potential online communications that contain toxic behaviors as soon as it occurs. Know immediately what is happening, who it is happening to and who is involved. Without compromising privacy expectations of employees. So you can take action to address a potential issue, or an issue someone is trying to hide, before it becomes a public, high-profile and damaging case, both in terms of expense and brand reputation. Learn more…

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CommSafeAI  Works With You

An Integrated Solution

CommSafe AI solutions work with Microsoft and Google Work Space and can easily integrate with your tech, case management system, and workflows. CommSafe AI is an approved ServiceNow integrated vendor.

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