Protect Your People and Your Reputation from Workplace Conflict and Violence

The CommSafe AI™ System analyzes employee communication and uses predictive algorithms to help you get ahead of risks presented by toxic communication such as harassment, aggression, Title IX offenses, discrimination, conflict, and threats, which cost US workplaces $528B/year.

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The CommSafe AI™ System

How It Works

Using AI algorithms, CommSafe AI analyzes communication in real time and flags toxic messages, similar to the algorithm of an email spam filter, that would threaten the integrity of a safe communication space or violate a company’s shared values. In addition to alerting management of an issue, CommSafe AI also provides “next step” recommendations. For example, the system would suggest customized coaching for well-meaning employees to help them increase their communication awareness and sensitivity as well as learn how to get their point across more respectfully. Deterring or capturing toxic interactions early before they further escalate or deepen their harm allows organizations to focus on building a positive, inclusive culture and strong relationships.