Why CommSafe AI?

We have a solution to a problem costing US Businesses $528 Billion Annually.

CommSafe AI™ is a cloud-based software solution that analyzes employee communication in real-time and uses predictive AI algorithms to identify and flag toxic communication. This helps companies disrupt emerging threats of harassment, discrimination, retaliation, aggression, workplace conflict, and insider threats–which cost US workplaces $528B/year.

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Always On, Means Always Protected

CommSafe AI captures toxic communication in real time and immediately sends an alert to all relevant managers to review.

Real-time notifications let key personnel get in front of issues that harm staff and compromise company IP.

Configurations are quick and easy

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Looking Ahead

“Predictive analytics is the future of physical security.”

– Chris Rackow, VP Global Security at Google

Too Often The Costliest Problems Go Unnoticed

Harvard University research finds toxic employee behavior destroys a company’s culture in ways that affect the bottom line, often times taking a company years to recover and rebuild reputation.

Workplace issues: harassment, aggression, threats, discrimination, workplace conflict, and title 9 offenses.

Protect Your People and Your Brand’s Reputation

Reputations take years to build, but seconds to destroy. We can’t control everything that is said or comes our way, but we are in control of how we think and respond. Learn how CommSafe AI technology can help you uncover hidden liabilities and prevent conflict in the workplace.

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