De-Escalation Techniques: When Communication Is Key to Mitigating Workplace Violence


It’s just a normal day at the office. Employees are huddled in groups collaborating on projects. The conference room is abuzz with excitement over the possibility of a new client. The receptionist brought in homemade cookies for everyone.  Then suddenly, one of the voices spikes above the dull roar of the rest of the conversations. […]

Learn From the Best: Best Practices in Vulnerability Management Policy


In spite of the latest in security tech and know-how, breaches seem to have only become more frequent. As companies lag behind in embracing security measures, like vulnerability management best practices, they leave themselves open to more and more security breaches. However, your company doesn’t have to be one of those at-risk companies. Even as […]

Can Your Team Respond to Threats? Why You Should Have Threat Response Solution Training


In 2017, 29 active shooter events occurred in the United States. Out of these 29, 45% were in businesses. Since 2000, more than half of all active shooter events took place in a business. This is an alarming number. What is even more alarming is that 35% of employees do not know what they would do in this type […]

Fight, Flight, or Freeze: How to Overcome Your Natural Response to an Active Shooter Scenario


Mass shootings may account for a portion of all gun deaths in the country, but people need to be prepared to handle a potentially dangerous gun situation. It is only the beginning of 2019, and there have already been multiple shooting deaths. When there are stories of people being shot at concerts, work, and school, […]