What Is Vulnerability Assessment and Why You Would Need One?


In 2014, 4,821 people were fatally injured in work-related incidents. There are four categories of workplace violence which are personal relationship, customer, criminal intent, and work-on-worker. After the incident companies often find there were preventative measures that could have been in place. More companies see the importance of having a vulnerability assessment completed for their […]

Workplace Violence Prevention: 9 Effective Strategies for Mitigating Violence at Work


Every year, 2 million Americans are victims of workplace violence. But despite these alarming and climbing numbers, workplace violence remains in the dark. It can be laughed off or dismissed as nothing, something that rarely happens. Or, in other words, not something that you have to worry about. But the facts are there. Workplace violence […]

Vigilance Risk Solutions Teams with Silent Sector on Workplace Violence and Cyber Security Threats.


PHOENIX–(BUSINESS WIRE)– As workplaces face increasing violence and cybersecurity threats, two southwestern companies partner to bring Special Forces expertise from the battlefield into the boardroom to protect America’s small and midsize businesses. Whether preventing active shooters or hackers, business executives must proactively mitigate risks across their entire organization. The cost of proactivity is less than […]

How has School Safety Changed in the last 20 years?


 How has school safety changed in the last 20 years? From the fresh smell of paper and pencil shavings to the gut-wrenching mixture of excitement and nerves, we’ve all had the experience of going back-to-school. Do you remember the butterflies in your stomach anticipating new friendships and challenges? Back then, that was the most of […]

VRS Founder Ty Smith Spotlighted in Business Insider Article


Security starts with empathy, teamwork and understanding ourselves. Read more about our founder and former U.S. Navy Seal, Ty Smith. This article spotlights his personal journey and the origins of VRS in this article about the University of Southern California’s MBV Program from Business Insider. “Smith was an active duty SEAL also enrolled at the University of Southern California’s Master […]

Mounting a Defense: Security Expert Shares Tips on Avoiding Violence


Listen below as we talk with the ABA Journal, the American Bar Association’s flagship magazine, about the steps you can take to protect yourself in the legal industry. “One of many lawyers’ worst fears is that a client, opposing party or even a random stranger may try to physically hurt them, often for nothing more […]

VRS Visits with BISTalk Radio & Discusses Diversity of Experience & Talent


We had a great visit with the team at BISTalk Radio ESPN Radio 1700 talking about the origins of Vigilance Risk Solutions, the diversity of experience and talent on our team, and how to be prepared in the case of workplace violence. Listen Here: https://soundcloud.com/user-514347614/ty-smith-talks-to-espn-bistalk-radio