There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the world of work, and once companies begin bringing their employees back to the office, it won’t be “business as usual.”

Does your organization have a plan in place to transition back to work safely and efficiently?

Businesses of all sizes need to recognize that the stress and collective trauma of COVID-19 will impact employees long after this crisis is over and will need a solid strategy to ease office tensions and uncertainties.

At CommSafe AI, we help you IDENTIFY and MITIGATE physical risks in real-time with our Conflict & Violence Prevention System.

To help support the community, our experts have developed a resource guide to help your team transition back to work and reduce any undue stress.

    Our Conflict & Violence Prevention experts are also available  to discuss strategies  to help you protect your organization’s reputation, ease possible legal challenges, and keep your people safe and healthy.


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