CommSafe AI Hires New Chief Data Scientist

New Role Expected to Help Catapult First-of-its-Kind Communication Analysis Tool into the Market

San Diego, November 17, 2020

As big data and artificial intelligence (AI) continue to accelerate business transformation, more companies are adding experienced chief data scientists to their executive teams.

Apoorv SrivastavaIn an effort to further drive innovation and gain more traction in the market,  CommSafe AI, a first-of-its-kind technology company that specializes in conflict and violence prevention, has created a new Chief Data Scientist position filled by seasoned technology executive Apoorv Srivastava.

In this new role, Srivastava – a predictive analytics and natural language processing expert – will help develop new data science capabilities for CommSafe AI, as well as create and execute strategies that will improve the business’s performance as the company continues to develop its first-to-market AI-driven communications safety analysis software.

Based in Franklin Park, N.J., Srivastava has a track record of building businesses, products, and teams in data analytics, finance, consumer products for video consumption, optical networking, and high-performance computing. He has more than 20 years of experience in general management, finance, venture investing, engineering product and business development and has experience managing an organization through pre and post IPO, acquisition, merger and restructuring. He is also well versed in developing and evaluating emerging technologies for startups and investments.

“Apoorv brings to the team a massive amount of data science training and experience.  He adds to our ability to understand how unique data models are connected,” said Ty Smith, Founder and CEO of CommSafe AI. “The addition of Apoorv lends a significant amount of credibility to our team and company as a true technology company, and a company that has AI experience. He will also be instrumental in bridging the gap between business strategy and data science as we bring our novel technology to the market.”

The CommSafe AI tool is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) product that allows organizations to get ahead of threats of conflict and violence in the workplace before they happen. Similar to the algorithm of an email spam filter, CommSafe AI analyzes communication in real time and flags toxic messages that would threaten the integrity of a safe communication space or violate shared company values. The software tracks tone, meaning that the algorithms can semantically tell if the tone of a message is insulting by analyzing word choice and word patterns.

“I’m very excited about CommSafe AI’s potential,” Srivastava said. “I think we are at a unique time in history where there’ll be a major shift in how employees will work and communicate in the future. This new work environment will bring with it its own challenges, and CommSafe AI is uniquely positioned to create a safe environment for our customers.”

“I also joined CommSafe AI because of the team’s unique blend of military, data analytics, and entrepreneurial backgrounds and skill sets,” he added.

The company’s executive team includes seasoned and highly trained military and law enforcement experts, including former US Military Special Operations and US Secret Service members.

“CommSafe AI has a unique mix of military and law enforcement specialists, and data scientists. We all have real world experience and are trained in every type of security risk,” said Smith, a retired US Navy SEAL.  “It’s what sets us apart from our competitors. It comes down to that keen ability to anticipate risk.”

About CommSafe AI:

Founded in 2015, CommSafe AI is an African American and disabled veteran-owned technology company that helps companies disrupt emerging threats 24/7. Our flagship technology is an AI communications analysis system that helps companies identify and mitigate toxic communication in the workplace before it escalates, including bullying, harassment, sexual harassment, Title IX violations, aggression, escalated conflict, threats, discrimination, and violence. These problems cost US businesses nearly $600 billion annually. The CommSafe AI™ System helps ensure a safe and inclusive communication space, increase mutual trust and respect, and uphold your team’s shared values. Please visit for more information, or book a time to speak with us.