Log, mitigate and prevent conflict & violence incidents within your evolving, dynamic and complex organization.


Our Conflict & Violence Case Management System is a comprehensive, secure, cloud-based system for capturing and logging threats, harassment, and security incidents. Employees can submit a threat or incident from any device and key case management personnel will be notified. Additionally, we’ve included the ability to tag cases with images, evidence, and detailed investigation notes. You will have full reporting capability so that your senior management can be kept apprised of the threat environment.


Experts from our team will work with you to identify the right people in your organization to manage and mitigate incidents quickly and effectively. You have the power to be as hands-on as you wish or take advantage of our wealth of knowledge to manage your system. We will always be your partner in mitigation and management techniques and are available for any circumstances that cause you concern.


Violent events are not a natural first response. There is a very identifiable path individuals follow on their way to violent ideations that you can begin to identify and interrupt before catastrophe. Immediately upon implementing your new Conflict and Violence Case Management System, a snapshot of your organization’s security health and culture will begin to emerge. Quarterly analysis will identify trends and allow you to ensure a happy, productive workforce.

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