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CommSafe AI Well-being & Brand Risk Assessments

A better way to assess well-being and brand risk.

Well-being And Brand Risk Assessments are a report generated using Machine Learning and AI to rapidly produce insights from company data. Get deep understanding about what employees are really thinking and feeling. Unlike surveys, or lengthy assessments performed by consulting groups, CommSafe AI delivers the insights you need in a fraction of the time, at a fraction of the cost.

Image of a wellness and risk assessment

Well-being & Brand Risk Assessment Benefits

Unbiased Insights

Because we don’t solicit feedback or use survey methods to understand what your people think and feel, we deliver a more accurate picture of what is happening with your workforce, enabling actions to improve culture and employee retention. Our sentiment analysis is the best predictor of emerging risk.

Unsurpassed Brand Risk and Litigation Detection

We find your blind spots and categorize the risk for you. Know which issues are likely to escalate to litigation or worse. Types of risk we look for include; risk of attrition, bullying, harassment, diversity and inclusion infractions, harm to oneself or others, collusion, theft and property loss.

Quicker Assessments

Our software can turn around insights faster than the consulting groups you would often hire to develop similar yet less robust assessments. What would take them months to accomplish, we can turn around in weeks.

High and Moderate Brand Risk Categorization

When we find evidence of high or moderate risk events, we provide a detailed categorization to help you understand and head off issues before they escalate.

Significant Cost Savings

Our software enables a wellness and risk expert to evaluate your company’s data quickly and efficiently. Oftentimes in as little as two weeks.

Customizable Events Detection

We can work with your teams to define custom reporting using known keyphrase detection, and custom training of AI models.

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