The Problem

The volume of client communication is so large and spread out across your company that it’s impossible for teams to easily know when a client needs attention – sometimes until it’s too late.

Our Solution

Emptor from CommSafe AI scans and analyzes your client communication for sentiment that indicates dissatisfaction and issues that can threaten your revenue. These risks are customized to your individual business and are delivered in real time. Emptor gives your business the opportunity to react to client concerns before they become problems.


icon for messages

Real-time alerts via email or text to your choice of stakeholders

icon for risk

Risk definitions are customized to your individual business

icon analysis

Analysis is trained with your business and input

icon dashboards

Each stakeholder will have a customized dashboard

icon advanced filtering

Advanced filtering of communication type and direction

Analyze traffic in O365, Gmail and other platforms

Install Emptor from CommSafe AI in your organization today, and begin getting accurate insights into the health of your client relationships.

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