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The Intelligent Tool to Protect Your People, Your Brand, Your Intellectual Property

CommSafe AI is a smart, scalable tool to capture in real time toxic email and chat communications among your employees. This enables you to stop harassment in its tracks and prevent it from escalating. Because your employees feel safer, and know that you are taking steps to ensure their safety, they are more productive and loyal. Equally important, your brand reputation and intellectual property remain uncompromised.

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Scan, Analyze, Notify

Scan: CommSafe AI’s proprietary algorithms continually inspect all your internal employee email and chat communications for profanity that could indicate harassment.

Analyze: CommSafe AI’s carefully set parameters flags potentially problematic language as well as related responses and associated metadata.

Notify: Flagged communications appear in an easy-to-read dashboard in real time for review by HR, legal and/or security/IT moderators. They see word for word what was sent to the recipient and alleged victim of harassment. The dashboard details about the potential toxic messaging includes:

  • The time the message was sent
  • Who received the message
  • Anyone included on the cc: line of the message

Text Notifications Ensure Timely Awareness

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Integrated Workflows, Human Analysis

CommSafe AI works with your organization’s systems and methodologies. We can easily integrate with your tech, case management system, and workflows.

Absolutely critical to any CommSafe AI implementation is human judgement. You are the final arbiter of what constitutes toxic communications and how to act upon it. Not the software.

The value of CommSafe AI is in the real-time comprehensive monitoring of employee communications at scale. CommSafe AI flags possible harassment almost when it happens and provides a complete trail of exactly what is happening, to who it is happening, and who is involved.

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Workplace Innovation Your Employees Can Trust

Business communications should be just that, about business.

Organizations use CommSafe AI to protect employees when toxic communication occurs during the conduct of business. CommSafe AI is not used to pry into personal privacy or micromanage team interactions.

Safe Spaces Are For Everyone

Studies show that employees appreciate a work culture that does more than talk about preventing toxic behavior, but acts upon it. CommSafe AI is the tool that puts proactive prevention in motion. The result is a workforce that feels safer, because the culture is committed to providing a safe workplace. And a workforce that feels safer is more productive, and more loyal, and more reflective of your brand values.

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Harvard University research finds toxic employee behavior destroys a company’s culture in ways that affect the bottom line, oftentimes taking a company years to recover and rebuild reputation.

 “Good people continue to be harmed by exposure to the dynamics of a toxic workplace culture, and organizations lose their functional viability and sustainability.”

– Dr. Michael E. Frisina and Rebekah Williamson of the Frisna Group

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