CommSafe AI (formerly Vigilance Risk Solutions) on Frontlines of Combating Workplace Violence

Firm Founded by Former Navy SEAL Provides Risk & Threat Assessments, Training and More

Conflict and violence have been on the rise in the US for the last 10 years and the current COVID-19 pandemic has brought many factors that are already accelerating these trends. One of those trends is workplace violence.

One company that has been helping to mitigate workplace violence over the past few years is San Diego-based CommSafe AI. Founded in 2015, CommSafe AI, (formerly Vigilance Risk Solutions), – a technology company that specializes in conflict and violence prevention – also provides industry-leading security risk assessments, conflict and violence prevention plans, and workplace security programs for corporations, insurance companies, biotechnology firms, hospitals, nonprofits, schools and more.

CommSafe AI was founded by former Navy SEAL Ty Smith after he saw the need for more effective solutions to thwart workplace violence and active shooter threats. Since founding CommSafe AI, Smith has assembled a team of experts that include top military and law enforcement veterans, as well as experts in conflict and violence prevention.

“Our methodology is designed to bring highly specialized training, knowledge, and implementation practices out of the shadows and put them in the hands of companies and organizations who might not have access to those resources otherwise,” said Smith, adding that workplace violence costs Corporate America over $400 billion annually.

With the current COVID-19 pandemic, Smith said it’s important now more than ever for companies and organizations to have solid strategies in place to prevent workplace violence once employees start going back to the office.

“I think most people would be surprised how big of a problem this is to the tune of 12,000 threats a day and 8,000 assaults per day in the US workplace,” he said. “The current health pandemic is dramatically increasing the factors that drive this since people are suffering from significant fear, trauma, and anxiety. There are news stories on a daily basis of skyrocketing gun sales, layoffs, bankruptcies, and many other manifestations of these psychological afflictions. Companies first need a sensible and well-thought-out plan to bring everyone back to work in a safe and sensitive way. Second, they need a comprehensive system to prevent conflict and violence in their workspace. Third, they need a plan to help people with the inevitable and long-term psychological consequences of what is happening right now.”

There’s no doubt that the COVID-19 pandemic has shifted the world of work, and once companies begin bringing their employees back, it won’t be “business as usual.” That’s why CommSafe AI recently published a comprehensive guide that includes tips on how to safely bring employees back to the workplace.

“With COVID-19 challenging everything we know about traditional work environments, companies are struggling to understand what their existence will look like today much less in the coming years,” Smith said. “The fallout from this uncertainty and the destabilization of our career expectations will be felt for years. Confusion and misinformation are breeding grounds for conflict and violence. Fear for economic and physical safety is increasing every day. Wellness and mental health are paramount if companies want to survive these changes. Without understanding your company’s vulnerabilities and risks, there is no way to create the necessary policies and plans to prevent or address adverse situations.”

CommSafe[ai] programs – which also includes a Conflict & Violence Case Management System and Social Media Threat Monitoring – are designed to equip employees, students, etc… with the know-how and tools to limit potential security issues and threats.

“We would encourage people not to be afraid but to think about workplace violence like any other risk – one that we need to consider and mitigate,” Smith said. “People put locks on their doors, and they buy car insurance. Now they need to advocate for their own physical and psychological safety by availing themselves of tools to help them feel safe and be safe.”

About CommSafe[ai]

Founded in 2015, CommSafe AI (formerly Vigilance Risk Solutions) is a technology company that specializes in conflict and violence prevention. CommSafe AIhelps clients to identify and mitigate unknown threats of conflict and violence both within and outside their company, protecting them from the three most damaging consequences of conflict and violence in the workplace: litigation, physical and psychological harm, and brand/reputational damage. For more information, please visit